Knight of Darkness fending off Bat creatures
Vital statistics
Type Planet
Location Outer Space
Capital Unstated
Inhabitants Ancient Constructs, Fangar


Loss and Defeat

The Robo Force has been defeated. Maxx Zero, for the first time in his existence, runs from his duty to any mission, any time, any place and heads out into the void of space. The loss of one of his strongest Force members is just too much to bear.

His travels bring him to planet Diavolus, far from the reach of Nazgar and the CULT OF DRED. The native snake-like creatures have little interest in him, a change from other worlds he has visited over the years. Maxx explores the planet, enjoying the lack of mechanical influence.

Forbidden Swamp

During a routine exploration of a major swampland on the planet, Maxx sees a strange glow from underneath the water. Switching to Deep Dive mode, he explores the underbelly of the swamp... through the murk, he finds a surprising discovery - a large metallic gate, with a smaller metallic gate embedded in the bottom.

His natural curiosity stoked, Maxx investigates. The door opens easily and surprisingly, into a chamber that the water does not flow into. Maxx converts back to his standard mode, ready for a trap to be sprung. It's always a trap, he thinks.

Beyond the room which blocks water from flowing in, Maxx sees mechanical structures familiar to him from the Glyaxia Excursion - a room constructed completely out of solid gold Blocks. Maxx waves his hand over the wall, and it responds to him, machinery whirring and clicking. A Block slides aside, allowing him access...

Inside of the golden Block Base, it appears completely transparent - encased in an energy field that keeps the contents secure from scans. Maxx is stunned to find thirty two giant mechanical beings, completely devoid of paint and markings. He touches them - the machinery is familiar, but not familiar.

"Why are you here?", he wonders.

When MAXX ZERO™ activates the Ancient Constructs, a long forgotten signal is sent that no modern robotic entity can decode - but it is heard by the Zeroids! Will they be friends to the Robo Force...or enemies?[1]

The Search for Maxx Zero

Months later, ZEM has a vision of Maxx terrorizing a planet of bat creatures. Sentinel, ZEM, and Wrecker take to the Star Falke to planet Diavolus to investigate.

There they find Maxx has modified himself into a golden metallic warlord with little regard for biological life. There is also a new non-Zetonian robot with Maxx, the slithery Fangar the Conspirator.

Robo Force is faced with a horrible decision - do they join their commander in his new mission and forget liberating Zeton from Nazgar, or uphold his previous ideals and destroy him to save the native populace?

Also, what is the secret of the Forbidden Swamp? What is the strange glow that fills the water nightly? What could have pushed Maxx to enslave an entire planet?


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