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Dracunp.jpg|Blank Draco Nebulos Mushi
Dracunp.jpg|Blank Draco Nebulos Mushi
Dracbund.jpg|Draco Nebulos Bundle
Dracbund.jpg|Draco Nebulos Bundle
Tgxmas.jpg|Xmas Banner artwork

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Draco Nebulos Mushi
Kabuto Mushi Mk2 DX
Vital statistics
Name Draco Nebulos Mushi
Species Beetorian
Origin Sectivorus


Draco Nebulos MushiEdit

Production Draco Nebulos Mushi - Neon Green with Gradient Yellow paint applications. 26 total parts with Mini Mushi. Released on December 19th, 2018. $16 each. A Limited Edition unpainted Draco Nebulos Mushi was available for $12 and a bundled White Void Cape version for $18.


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