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Dred Trooper
Cult of Hun-Dred
Vital statistics
Name Dred Trooper
Species Zetonian
Origin Zeton


The Dred Trooper started as a Contained Build idea in 2014 to increase the army for the Cult of Dred. The Cult of Hun-Dred Trooper uses a design and colors similar to the Dred Drone Trooper MK. III.


See: The Battle for Andor


Cult of Hun-Dred Trooper

"When Nazgar sends his deadly Cult of Dred Troopers to secure the assets of the hidden Zeroid city of Andor, Maxx Zero finds himself overwhelmed by the skills of these CALLGRIM-trained Zetonian warriors. However, Andor holds a secret of its own - something that will take the Robo Force STATE OF THE ART...."

"The ultimate soldier of Nazgar™'s forces! SPECIAL PRICE! Standard 41 piece Robo Force® kit with special WARP PACK! (crossover weapons from the Master Mercenary, CALLGRIM™!)"

Dred Trooper - Cult of Hun-Dred Edition. Hando Red with Gray/Black paint applications with Cult of Dred tampo. 41 total parts + Callgrim Warp Pack weapons. Released on December 28th, 2018. $24 each. A limited blank Red Dred Trooper was available privately for $13.