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Drill Dash Weaponeer
Mighty Mechanical Hero
Vital statistics
Name Drill Dash Weaponeer
Species Weaponeer
Origin Monkaa


An homage to the Japanese toyline Microman[1] which was licensed and released by MEGO in the U.S. in the under the name Micronauts[2]. They are a member of the Microbattlers.

The Weaponeer body was given a mold refresh in 2024 retiring the Palidar and Umbreus heads in favor of two new head sculpts designed by Jason Ho. These figures are referred to as NeoWeaponeers.

Character History[]

"When my dear friend Jeremy Sung of Spy Monkey Creations / Battle Tribes asked me to design some new heads for the existing Weaponeer mold, I was more than happy to oblige! We brainstormed with the mighty Glyos All-Father himself, Matt Doughty, and these designs were the end result. Of course, strong influences from the lineage of Super Robots and their often organic antagonists should be noted.

The new heads are a little smaller than the original Weaponeers heads, and combined with the existing Weaponeer body, the proportions become reminiscent of the Jumbo Machinders of yesteryear. The digital sculpts were done by @anthonyscotcoffey, and he absolutely crushed it. Being a 2D artist I live my art life in a very flat world, and it’s completely magical to see my drawings translated into three dimensions. Like most Glyos figures, these new headsculpts can serve multiple purposes depending on how they are oriented, and the drill head in particular serves as a mini vehicle cockpit when placed horizontally. I was particularly happy when I came up with that!

I really hope everyone enjoys these, and can’t wait to see how people incorporate these new parts into their Glyos building!" - Jason Ho[3]


Drill Dash Weaponeer[]

"Nothing can stand in the way of this mighty mechanical hero! The Drill Dash Weaponeer is an indestructible force for justice!"

Battle Tribes - Wave 37 Production PVC NeoWeaponeers of Monkaa - Drill Dash Weaponeer. Includes partial Combat Pack weapons set. Black and Yellow with paint applications and tampos. X total parts. Released on June 27th, 2024. $20 each.