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Crew Member of the Edgeliner Marezioc
Vital statistics
Name Evenollus
Species Traveler
Origin Unknown


As of Wrath of the Reborn, Evenollus transformed into Pheyaos Hyper Mordireus Fusion and then Pheyaos Enigma Fusion before assuming the Pheyaos Triple Stinger form.


Chariot's Keep

Inside the ancient vessel

"Evenollus, we've breached the surface." called back one of the Guards. "Commander Viyer was right..." responded another, "...this is no simple comet..." Peering down into the hole revealed a different world than the surface might lead you to believe. Rock became ruins of a different nature. More like petrified vines hardened over time. Against the walls and floor lay the rock-like outer shell remains of something more sinister in nature from outer space. " is an ancient vessel!" continued the Guard as they slipped further down their newly created rabbit hole. Each squad member slowly entered the ruins and marched single file. Yet, one couldn't help but stare at the petrified remains as they went deeper into the bowels of the ancient ship.

Wrath of the Reborn

Mutant Evolver Pheyaos

Pheyaos Triple Stinger

Reemerging from the events surrounding the appearance of the Atarikoth Comet and the devastating Diversus Gate Incident that followed, Gatekeeper Viyer once again turned his focus on the study and genetic manipulation of the most unique and powerful entities found throughout the Glyos System and beyond. Accompanied by his loyal bodyguard and friend, Traveler Evenollus, Viyer crossed through the Zorennor Rift aboard his rebuilt Edgeliner Marezioc in search of the original Villser homeworld, Odravunn, and the untold lifeforms rumored to exist there. However, before reaching their destination, the Edgeliner was attacked by an unknown, cycloptic creature that possessed bizarre and incredible dimensional abilities. After a long and exhaustive battle due to the its extraordinary regenerative properties, the chaotic beast was finally repelled by the brave actions of Evenollus, who suffered near fatal damage in the process of phasing through the monster's body. Desperate to save the life of his companion, Viyer infused Evenollus with a combination of hyper powered Mordireus energy and a captured sample of the very beast that almost destroyed him...[1]

Chariot's Keep

Wave 56

Pheyden Evenollus

Includes bonus scarf. 14 total parts. $10

Hybrid Horizons

Wave 80

Traveler Evenollus Hyper Mordireus

Includes bonus scarf. 14 total parts. $10