Fallout T-45 Armor
Fallout T-45 Armor Box Front
Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Warrior
Vital statistics
Name Fallout T-45 Armor
Species Human
Origin Earth


Fallout 4

The T-45 lacks the mobility of later power armor models because of its less advanced servo design; as a result it limits the wearer's Agility. The first version of T-45 power armor deployed on the front lines against the Chinese was powered by small energy cells and it burned through them at an alarming rate. Later into the war they were outfitted with a back mounted micro fusion generator, similar to the one used in the T-51 model.

While the T-45 armor is similar in its overall shape to the newer T-51 power armor, it is significantly less advanced than its later counterpart, and uses riveted steel plates instead of plastic composite materials in its construction. The eye slit for the helmet is made of bulletproof glass to protect the wearer from any projectiles. Various electronic and mechanical subsystems of the armor are exposed on the outside of its casing rather than sealed within as in the T-51, making it far more susceptible to damage. In addition, a specialized body suit is required to be worn underneath the T-45 armored shell in order to facilitate linking the armor's servos to the wearer's own motions and to make the armor more bearable because of its heat dissipation problems.

Wave 1

Fallout T-45 Armor

Production Fallout T-45 Armor figure. Silver with paint applications. Glyos compatible. GameStop Exclusive.[1] 1 Weapon. Ball joint Head. 14 total parts. Released on March 15th, 2018. $9.99 each.

A bonus Gunmetal Swing Joint Set was offered with the Knights of the Slice web store Special T-45 offering on April 3rd, 2018. $10 each.

Wave 2

Hot Rod Shark Armor

Production Fallout T-45 Hot Rod Armor figure. Army Green with paint applications and tampos. Glyos compatible. 1 Weapon. Ball joint Head. 14 total parts. Released on October 2nd (Target) and October 15th (GameStop), 2018. $9.99 each.[2]


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