Fallout T-51 Armor
Fallout T-51 Armor Box Front
Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Warrior
Vital statistics
Name Fallout T-51 Armor
Species Human
Origin Earth


Fallout 4

T-51 was the most advanced power armor in wide commercial use before the outbreak of the Great War. First seeing service - and inherently, great success - in the Anchorage Reclamation campaign, the T-51 power armor soon became standard issue for the army's armored infantry regiments. Developed at the West Tek research facility, the T-51 was the peak of pre-War power armor technology. It saw continuous service throughout the Great War, and is thought to be the force that drove the Chinese out of Anchorage.

Even though the "B" variant is extremely common throughout the wasteland, and though T-51 suits in the Commonwealth vary from A to F models, only 2 full suits of armor can be found in the Capital Wasteland, where as the older T-45 power armor model is more readily available.

Wave 1

Fallout T-51 Armor

Production Fallout T-51 Armor figure. Blue Steel & Army Green with paint applications. Glyos compatible. GameStop Exclusive.[1] 1 Weapon. Ball joint Head. 14 total parts. Released on March 15th, 2018. $9.99 each.

Offered through the Knights of the Slice web store as Special T-51 on April 30th, 2018. $10 each.

Wave 2

Vault-Tec Armor

Production Fallout T-51 Vault-Tec Armor figure. Metallic Blue with paint applications. Glyos compatible. 1 Weapon. Ball joint Head. 14 total parts. Released on October 2nd (Target) and October 15th (GameStop), 2018. $9.99 each.[2]

Nuka Cola Armor

Production Fallout T-51 Nuka Cola Armor figure. Metallic Red with paint applications and Nuka Cola tampos. Glyos compatible. GameStop Exclusive.[3] 1 Weapon. Ball joint Head. 14 total parts. Released on November 21st, 2018 (online) and November 28th, 2018 (in-store). $9.99 each.


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