Fortress of Steele
overlooking Celestia
Vital statistics
Type Base
Location Hidden
Capital Celestia
Inhabitants Robo Force


"Solitary, brooding and unapproachable, the Fortress of Steele master environment playset is the home battle fortress of the Robo Force. Designed with three different levels of robotic action and adventure, it features a giant citadel dome that flips over to reveal the master laser siege cannon. A working robot boom crane and hoist lifts Robo Force Action Robot Figures. Other features include a revolving secret passage console, hidden arsenal compartment, "Jaws of Steele" sliding bulkhead door, working drawbridge escape, flip-over stockade cell, throne chamber, laser swivel guns, robot shuttle sled, weapon rack and more." From the original box.[1]

Robo Force Animated Special


Mark Fury and Deena Strong along with Maxx Steele inside the Fortress of Steele from the Animated Special

Over 10 years ago a scientist, Dr. Fury, was researching how to transfer a brain into a robot body when he was kidnapped by Hun-Dred and the Cult of Dred. Their goal was to transfer the 2,000 year old preserved brain of the evil dictator Nazgar the Tyrant into a new robot form by using Dr. Fury's experimental techniques. Reviving Nazgar was a success and he soon set out to reconquer Zeton, the planet he had ruled in his previous life.

In present day Mark Fury, son of Dr. Fury, has constructed Maxx Steele and his friends to help find his missing father. Their search, along with Deena Strong, leads them to the new headquarters of Nazgar and the Cult of Dred nearby with a laser weapon ready to be used on the Zetonian people. A confrontation quickly occurs and Nazgar escapes while Maxx Steele and company stop the Cult of Dred's nefarious plans. With the laser weapon destroyed and Dr. Fury saved, Zeton has new champions to confront the possible return of Nazgar the Tyrant. (Synopsis of Ruby Spears animated feature.[2])


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