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Vital statistics
Name Frankenslice
Species Human
Origin Earth

Character History

Frankenslice Bonus Unlock

"Check out the podcast snippet for more info on the Frankenslice Project.

Here are some pics from the 3 weeks it took to pull together this month's AFOTM. Frankenslice was built from 4 different figures, which meant all 4 styles had to be completely pulled apart piece-by-piece. My dining room table became an assembly line for most of Aug. "Hot Boxing" is a super sophisticated process invented by Matt Doughty. He says any glyos maker hasn't earned their salt until they hot box a couple hundred builds. I now know this pain! Once heated up, each piece gets snapped back together. Slowly but surely an army is built! I started putting aside certain colorways at the beginning of this year with a loose plan to do a custom build sometime in the summer. BTW, each box is also hand assembled and stickered by me. This is a completely old school process with very little automation."[1]


Frankenslice - Vaughn Von Braughn

Production PVC KOTS Frankenslice figure - Vaughn Von Braughn. Hand built by Jesse DeStasio for Action Figure of the Month Club August 2019. One of three styles will be received. 3 3/4" tall with 10 points of articulation. 13 total parts + Accessory kits. Glyos compatible. Limited edition. Figure released as the August 2019 Action Figure of the Month during the third week of August.

Figure Breakdown:

Frankenslice 2 Pack - Battle Sire & Randy Chap

"Swords for hire put on a case by the Chorager, Battle Sire and Randy Chap are tasked with hunting down the Fire Capsule.

This 2 pack includes over 30 pieces you can use to instantly make powerful Glyos powered builds."

Production PVC Knights of the Slice - Knight + Old Knight figure. 2-pack. Skintone (Knight) and Dark Blue (Old Knight) with paint applications. Released on August 26th, 2019. $39 each 2-pack.


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