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Brothers in Arms
Vital statistics
Name Fyreball
Species Weaponeer
Origin Monkaa


"I don't know how long I was out, but when I awoke I felt nothing but pain. I was still alive and my rage burned deep in my core and burned past the fog of despair. As my senses returned, I realized I had been hung from the ceiling of a circular chamber. Cold steel chains had been punched through my body, every wound a universe of agony unto itself. The stump of my arm had sealed around the wound, but in the process of being hung I must have lost my damaged leg, as it was still oozing and dripping liquid lava to the floor below. Looking at the circular Pit below me, I realized with horror that it was all that was left of the magma Pit that spawned me. My rebellion must have enraged Umbreus so that he destroyed the Pit, snuffing its fire forever and leaving a cold, dead crater... Then I looked around the chamber and what I saw nearly froze my already dimming heartstone. Umbreus had called it a gallery, and a gallery it was but the art was something only a truly depraved and sick mind could envision. I saw bodies. Or what was left of them. Twelve hanging carcasses, blackened and cracked covered in ash. Magma Gohlem. The Thirteen, my dear brothers and sister. Directly across from me I saw what was left of Ehmber, only a head and half of a torso. This gallery was one of horrors.

Rage like none I'd ever known exploded in my heartstone.

The steel chains suspending me from the ceiling evaporated like morning mist and my blackened cracked body burned white hot as I fell to the floor in a shower of fire. I hit the cold stone floor and immediately liquefied a pool of lava around me. My body drank in the hot liquid stone, regrowing my lost arm and leg, as I swelled and grew powerful, renewed by my righteous fury. The Chamber was now fully ablaze by my glowing form and I again saw, more clearly now, the sad remains of my brothers and sister. I howled and formed a long flame whip with my hand. The searing lash struck the chains suspending Ehmber's remains and I ran forward, catching what was left of my brother as he fell. Hot lava tears streamed as I cradled what was left of Ehmber. As I held his broken body I heard something. Heard it in my heartstone, the tiniest beat of life, banked like coals buried deep beneath the ash and soot and wreckage of our sad existence. I reached for that spark and fed it with a line direct from my soul. The heat poured out of me in waves, again liquefying the floor and slowly Ehmber stirred. I doubled my efforts and his body started to draw in the fresh liquid lava, reforming. REBORN!

Finally, Ehmber opened his eyes and said words I never thought I'd hear again, "My Brother.”

Then I laughed, for the first time in ages, I laughed and he joined me. "We can save them!" I shouted, "We can save them all!"[1]


Lava Strike Force

Based on the Lava Strike Force storyline.[2]

"DX Fyreball is a deluxe Weaponeer figure featuring additional paint details, a full set of bonus heads, sword, sickle and a full Close Combat Armory! Each figure includes 45 Glyos System Compatible parts molded in Black and a new Translucent Neon Orange PVC. $16.00 each." Released July 9th, 2014.[3]


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