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Gear's Edge
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Drifters and the High Plains
Vital statistics
Name Gear's Edge
Species Sincroid
Origin Issaris


"Harkening back to the multi-story pulp books of yesterday, Gear's Edge follows the adventures of the Sincroid drifters who inhabit the high plains of planet Issaris. Tales are told through the battered and scarred survivor Gear, and detail such characters as Blue Eye - the last shadow of the law - and the renegade Sincroid tracker Callgrim. Each issue crawls closer to confrontation, unveiling clues to the mysteries that haunt each character's past and the connections between them all."[1]


Gear's Edge #1

Onell Design is proud to present the debut of artist Jesse Moore and his unique and exciting approach to the sequential art form. Printed on high quality stock and numbering 33 pages, Gear's Edge is a 5-1/2" by 8-1/2" fully illustrated digest with three stories that take place on the desolate planet Issaris.

Gear's Edge Compendium One

Considered "the Bible" of Gear's Edge Comics, this book includes new comics along with an extensive "who's who" of planet Issaris. Printed on high quality stock, perfect bound, and 80 pages, the Gear's Edge Compendium is a 5-1/2" by 8-1/2" fully illustrated book.


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