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Gendrone Force Defender
Old War Technology Reborn
Vital statistics
Name Gendrone Force Defender
Species Zetonian
Origin Sendollest Drifts


Gendrone Force Defender is a special reconfigured version of Toyfinity's Robo Force Maxx Zero kit. The combined creative development was loaded with many different configurations while being prototyped. The Gendrone Force Defender was designed to play a role in the ongoing Glyos story arc. For alternate story-line-related build modes, see Variable Reflex Driver.


Sendollest Drifts

While in the Sendollest Drifts, Argen was mining the database of a prototype Buildstation for information and discovered a lost piece of Old War technology. Argen puts the Gendrone Force Defender into full production, pulling it from obscurity to join the ranks of the Gendrone Rebellion.

Esedeth Mobile Patrol

Esedeth Mobile Patrol

"Following the fateful events that took place on Block Base Cerberus, the deactivated remains of Argen were quickly brought before Glyaxia Command to be dismantled and analyzed.

After an extreme combined effort by the same coalition that had created the Glyarmor, the fallen Gendrone leader's powerful data defenses were finally broken down. This action not only revealed more insight into the Villser Virus, but also unlocked the lost secret plans from the Old War that Argen had discovered within the Sendollest Buildstation.

EMP with Gendrone Force Defender tech

Commander Awken

Within a short time, Glyaxia Command put the information gained from the defeat of Argen into action, reactivating and continuing the development of the long forgotten Old War technology for its own gain.

Soon, the same powerful core mechanical designs that Argen had used to create the Gendrone Force Defender were not only replicated but also repurposed for the production of new super charged Variable Reflex Drivers, manufactured specifically to fortify the different divisions under the direct control of Glyaxia Command.

Of these specialized divisions, the Esedeth Mobile Patrol was the first to employ the recovered Old War technology.

The Sendollest Drifts

Wave 44

Sendollest Guard

Ultra Bronze w/ Aqua/ Dark Aqua accents and White tampo. $16

The Manglor Mutation

Wave 46

Bio Hunters

Gunmetal Silver w/ Red/ Black accents and White tampo. $16

The Gendrone War

Wave 48

Gendrone Imperium

Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red Visors/ Black accents and White tampos. $16

Enter The Glyarmor

Wave 51

Villser Core

Metallic Mint Green w/ Black Visors/ Black accents and White tampos. $16

Esedeth Mobile Patrol

Wave 52

Esedeth Mobile Patrol

Dark Warm Gray w/ Red Visors/ Red and Black accents and White tampos. $18

Return to Esedeth

Wave 55

Esedeth Mobile Patrol Elite

Sand w/ Black Visors/ Grey, Red and Black accents and White tampos. $20

Task Force Volkriun: The Xenodeth Outbreak

Wave 71

Task Force Volkriun

Special Edition crossover with Toyfinity. Volkriun Green with Dark Green and Orange accents and White tampos. 41 total parts. $22

Strike Team Sendred

Wave 75

Strike Team Sendred Heavy Armor

Special Edition crossover with Toyfinity. Medium Gray with Light Gray and Black accents and Red tampos. 41 total parts. $22

Dimensional Duplications

Wave 79

Ordeslin Guard

Special Edition crossover with Toyfinity. Includes 1 Gendrone Force Defender and 1 Hub Set, assembled in 2 separate special builds. Mustard with Shadow Grey and Bright Blue/Black accents and Red/White tampos. 58 total parts. $24