Ghosts of Tohoco!
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Released April 26–28, 2013 (C2E2 2013 Exclusive)
Story Brandon Michael Barker and Eric Scot Lemons
Art Brian Level (pencils & inks, colors)


Ghosts of Tohoco!

Clawbber leans against a wall looking away during a Worian Guard meeting while Valkyrie stands near the attentive guards as daily assignments are read off. A Kenotaff had been spotted in the Tohoco district of Wor causing minor disturbances. Valkyrie is assigned search and subdue duty. Clawbber speaks up and asks Calhoun to assign Olafsdotter (Valkyrie) to another task as he'll take the assignment himself. That evening Clawbber walks Memorial Market alone in the Tohoco district.

"Kenotaff sightings have all been at night. Means we're dealing with a young one. Nocturnal at this stage, afraid of the light. Besides, if it were mature we'd all know it. Night time in Tohoco. The neighborhood comes alive, its pulse palpable. The air hims with magic and youthful urgency. Daylight's not the only thing they're afraid of though. Kenotaff ain't too keen on people, neither. Something off about this one... something wrong. People everywhere, coming, going. Folks here are poor, simple. But they're proud, too. Strong. Good people. My people. Kenotaff are scavengers. Gather up spirits to feed their transformation. Start off small, but they'll get big in a hurry. Real big. They're drawn to places like this. Places of tragedy. Of great loss. Nowhere in all of Wor has suffered more tragedy than here. None lost more than I." mused Clawbber.

At that moment a massive green beast with a long trunk appeared: the Kenotaff. Clawbber shouted at a young boy to move away. As the crowd ran, Clawbber confronted the monster.

"These spirits are mine! One way or another, me and my little Exorcist Box here are gonna take back those souls you've stolen, and you're gonna go back to sleep." challenged Clawbber as he pulled out a small, black box with a glowing edge near the top.

As Clawbber held out the box and issued his final challenge, the Kenotaff chomped down are half of his arm. Long white fangs gnashed on Clawbber's golden claw hand which had held the box. With a fire in its belly, the trunk smacked Clawbber upwards and into a building. The beast sniffed at the large memorial tomb in the district square. There was a pause. Something, no someone had grabbed its tail. Clawbber swung the creature three times his size away from the memorial and tossed it into a building nearby. The creature, injured and worried, balled up as Clawbber neared. Its eyes glowed blue as a angry spirit looked back. Clawbber cracked open the Kenotaff's mouth and pulled out the Exorcist Box. The box opened, drawing out the evil spirit, and the Kenotaff grew smaller with each passing moment until it was no bigger than a green slug.

"A great man once told me life was but a ripple in a pond. Though it grows larger, it always remains a circle. These days the math seems a little different. Simpler? You spend the first half of your life trying your best not to make a mistake... and the second half making up for the mistakes you made anyway."

As the green slug slipped into a pouch, Clawbber knelt in front of the memorial as the sun rose for a new day.[1][2]



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