Vital statistics
Name Glyceptor
Species Traveler
Origin Unknown


Glyceptor is a Mystery Figure for 2018 meaning no picture was revealed until the figure arrived in mailboxes. It is an homage to Alpha Interceptor Astronaut from the Fisher-Price Adventure People line.

Character History

"There will absolutely be another mystery figure in the assortment, PLUS an additional small mystery bonus selection that's meant to add a little spice to the mystery figure itself.

We wanted to keep the bonus optional for folks so the price on the straight mystery figure is still in line with what we've been doing up to this point.

The mystery bonus is not necessary to complete the look, but it's a lot of fun to mix in. Basically something I really wanted to do for this particular homage and couldn't resist!"[1]

Dawn of the Mechabon

Wave 74


Special Edition 2018 Mystery Figure #5. 25 Total Parts. $14

Mystery Glyarmor Set

Special Edition 2018 Mystery Figure Tie-in. 12 Total Parts. $5


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