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Glyzapper2 1024x1024.png
Old School Adventurer
Vital statistics
Name Glyzapper
Species Glyan
Origin Unknown


Glyzapper is an homage to the second NES Zapper controller which featured an Orange with Gray color scheme.

Character History


"My love for the NES Zapper, Excite Bike, and Captain Crunch collide in this action-packed Glyos set. Also- wheels! Mystery Space Bits and more!"[1]

Bit Figs: Designer Con 2018

Glyzapper DX Action Set

Includes full Glyan figure with both heads, special edition painted Hub Set, deluxe painted Axis Joint Set, Traveler scarf and bonus Argen head. 58 Total Parts. First released at Designer Con (DCon) 2018 on November 16-18th, 2018 and online on December 16th, 2018. $20 each.