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Vital statistics
Name Gobon
Species Gendrone
Origin Unknown

Character History

Gobon concept art[1]

"Some early sketches of Gobon. The initial colors were to be gray and red (like Robocon), and then later we changed it to white (arms and legs) and yellow."[2]

"Once Michelle decided on the basic shape and feel of Gobon, I took her core design and did a parts breakdown, pushing the construction a bit. After some minor tweaks, it was off to the shop where Ron and I built the prototype. A few aspects of Gobon were then modified once we had the first urethane version in hand.

Michelle's sketch shown above also has what would be the near final look of Gobon's partner, Noboto. We worked on that little guy together quite a bit, maybe even more so than Gobon. The Noboto prototype currently sits at about 90% completion on my desk, waiting to make it into full production. A little more on that shortly."[3]

Gobon Color Test[4]

"Gobon maintained a basic bell body shape right up until full production, even though its overall proportions were pushed and pulled to try and find just the right balance before we settled on a final form."[5]

"The Gobon mechanical was a fun one to make. Because of its more geometric and symmetrical design, I worked off a photo this time around, as opposed to vectorizing Matt's line art. Included below is the hi-res template to create your own sets of Sarvonic Gendrones."[6]


The Curse of Ayosire

Floating outside Ayosire once again, Phanost blasted away a few asteroids passing by. Although most of them offered only more rock, one final asteroid revealed pieces of something long thought to be lost. Within the chunks of asteroid was the rusty Old War technology known as a Gobon.

The Ghosts of Nemica

Pheyden near Nemica

Floating near Nemica in deep space, Pheyden paused for a moment as if he heard a whisper. He was puzzled, Nemica had been a dead planet for far too long for anything to still be alive now. Still, he had to investigate. Quickly he warped the great distance from the far reaches of Nemica's last gravity wells to the planet's chilly surface. A snowfall had begun, but not enough to cover up the metal head of an ancient Gobon poking out next to his feet.

Pheyden was confused to say the least. "This is Old War technology." he finally said. "Very dangerous..." Pheyden added as an afterthought. The Gobon replied with silence. A wave of darkness washed over the surface towards Pheyden and his mysterious new friend. Someone was coming. A black suit and a green head appeared on the other side of the little Gobon noggin. The mystery guest had arrived in style with a green warp flash after the brief shudder of darkness.

"Phanost!?" exclaimed Pheyden.

"I had hoped you would not be here this time." started Phanost as if this had already happened before. "Destiny is cruel..."

Enigma Source

Gobon & Noboto: Space Trappers

Crethicay Triangle, the Grave Freighter Drifts. The tiny Noboto and his larger, rounder partner Gobon stood outside their target freighter as a half dozen other derelict ships floated by. "Another job that brings us into darkness. Can't one of these critters live in a place with some lights?" Noboto sarcastically commented as they entered the ship. "Time to brighten things up my friend..."

"Will do..." came the cheerful reply from his space trapping partner. Gobon's head began to glow brighter and brighter until the dilapidated room was illuminated. "That trick never gets old" Noboto remarked. His wrist scanner started to pick up something. "I'm gettin' a blip."

Peeking around the corner, a one-eyed pink blob had appeared. "You see that?!" the Gobon blurted as he pointed in the direction of the blob. "It looks tiny, this should be easy." Noboto answered busily as he pulled a capture net out.


"Noboto and Gobon sometimes use their own Gliporian entity when on Capture Missions, in a very similar way to Rechlen and Aves, when that duo would trap strange creatures.

On occasion, Noboto and his Gliporian will bond, covering Noboto in a powerful bio shell for increased protection, speed and strength. Very much like a living Flexion Suit."[7]

The Ghosts of Nemica

Wave 8

Stealth Gobon

Standard Gobon

The Curse of Ayosire

Wave 9

Rusty Gobon

Glyaxia I

Wave 10


Standard Gobon Mk. II

Stealth Gobon Mk. II

Soul of the Traveler

Wave 11

Classified Gobon

Solaris Gobon

Henshin I

Wave 12

Stealth Gobon Mk. III

Mono Wave

Wave 14

Enforcer Gobon

Gendrone Revolution

Wave 15

Standard Gobon Mk. III

Silver with special tampo printing. $10

Experimental Mechanics Division

Wave 19

Shock Force Gobon

Purple Metallic/Pale Yellow visors with tampo printing. $10

Glyos United

Wave 20

Zorennor Exploration Division Gobon

Light Gray/Gray with Light Blue eyes and tampo. $10

Zorennor Recovery Unit Gobon

Gray/Light Gray with Aqua Green eyes and tampo. $10

Record of the Delphi

Wave 22

Gobon Task Force Volkriun

Pappysoup Green/Olive Green/light green visors and white tampo. $10

Gobon Volkriun Commando

Olive Green/Pappysoup Green/light green visors and white tampo. $10

Hades Force

Wave 23

Gobon Cerberus Hades Force

Black/aqua green eyes and white tampo. $10

The Council Of Travelers

Wave 25

Gobon Gendrone Legion

Metallic Light Blue with Gray detail lines, Red eyes and double white tampos. $10

Monsters VS Robots

Wave 29

Gobon MVR Standard

Light Yellow/White with painted eyes. $8

Gobon MVR Reverse

White/Light Yellow with painted eyes. $8

Enigma Source

Wave 30

Mordireus Gobon

Neon Clear Pink with painted eyes. $8

The Ecroyex Initiative

Wave 32

Gendrone Rebellion Gobon

Metallic Pearlescent Red with Black visors and White tampos. $8

The Gamma Conflict

Wave 34

Gendrone Ultra Corps Gobon

Ultra Silver w/ Black visors and White tampo. $8

Gendrone Spectre Force Gobon

GITD Green w/ Aqua visors and White tampo. $8

The Sendollest Drifts

Wave 44

Gobon Sendollest Guard

Ultra Bronze w/ Aqua eyes and White tampo. $8

The Manglor Mutation

Wave 46

Gobon Bio Hunters

Gunmetal Silver w/ Red eyes and White tampo. $8

The Gendrone War

Wave 48

Gobon Gendrone Imperium

Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red eyes and White tampo. $8

The Andromeda Effect

Wave 49

Gobon Double Standard

Yellow w/ Gray paint/ Black eyes/ Dark Gray Detail Lines. $10

The Gendrone Alliance

Wave 67

Gobon Gendrone Alliance

13 total parts. $10


Wave 69

Gobon Gendrone Union

13 total parts. $10

Ruthless Restorations

Wave 82

Gobon Renegade Hunter

Includes new Renegade head plus new soft goods fabric cape. 13 total parts. $14