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Gobonic Command
Faction Gobonic Command
Division of None
Species Gendrone
Origin Various
Command Renegade Gobons
Rival(s) Villser, Metran


The Old War

Renegade Gobons

"During the Old War, many horrible weapons of mass destruction were created and put to use, bringing the entire Glyos System to the brink of absolute devastation. Even the great symbol of peace, the mighty Gobon Gendrone, was corrupted by the desperate hands of aggression. Many Gobons tried to resist their new missions, but in the end they each carried out their orders with deadly efficiency.

Only the appearance of an ancient enemy, the Villser, was able to restore unity, as all of Glyos rallied to stop the Villser threat.

Once the war ended, many Glyans could not look upon the Gobon Gendrones the same way, knowing that deep inside lurked the potential for violent action. A new law was passed by the Capital Planet Metran, declaring that all Gobon Gendrones be decommissioned and that all production of new Gobons be completely discontinued. Special Gendrone Termination Units were organized and put into action. Most of the Gobons cooperated, wanting only to serve their masters, believing that it was in the best interest of those they had sworn to protect to be scrapped. But not all Gendrones would be so easily shut down...

Renegade Gobon Strike Force

Near the end of the Old War, a small squadron of Gobons had been given the ability to think freely, with no limitations, to make them more creative killing machines. Because of this freedom, these Gobons would sometimes question their superiors.

When the new law came down from Metran, this crew of rebellious Gendrones escaped being decommissioned, and struck out on their own, refusing to shut down forever. In defiance of their servitude they removed their armored outer head shells, revealing what they believed to be their true faces.

As an ironic final insult to their old masters, these Renegade Gobons decided to take up arms, raiding Buildstations across Glyos and using newer Buildman Gendrones to create weapons, proving that any type of Gendrone could be used for destructive purposes.

Now with growing numbers, they move throughout the Glyos System, in search of forgotten Gobon Gendrones to awaken."[1][2]



Renegade Gobon Custom Corps



Gobonic Command Members

Renegades Members


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