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Creatures of the Water
Vital statistics
Name Gol
Species Gol
Origin Earth


The future of Earth is a Timepocalypse nightmare and rising up from the deep are the Gol. Fierce warriors in and out of the waters around Wor.

Character History

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Art of Marko Djurdjević

"Bog-Nar and the Nekroid were already established characters in the Warlords of Wor mini-comics, but Gol is an original character created specifically for the new toy line. I needed a third head for the set, so in keeping with the swampy, muck creature theme, I decided to resurrect a long-shelved project and breathe some fresh life into it.

Six years ago I started sculpting a mask for a Mer-Man costume. A lot of the influence for my design came from the art of Marko Djurdjević[1], who had done some insane MOTU re-imaginings. The project ultimately ground to a halt and a mask was never produced from the sculpt.

When designing parts for the Bog-Nar set, I went back to that sculpt to bring a "lagoon creature" into the world of Wor. Pictured then is my original sketch of Gol, the digital sculpt by Simon Grell[2], the first factory test shot, an early color mechanical (note the different spot pattern), and the final product (beautifully shot by Matt Stein)."[3]



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