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The Man from Saturn
Vital statistics
Name Goldiac
Species Unknown
Origin Saturn


Saturn is the most beautiful of all the planets. Its symmetrical rings give it a matchless grace. And there is nothing like them anywhere else in the solar system. Constructed and placed in orbit by the Elders, millenniums ago, they give the people of Saturn complete mastery over the force of gravity on their planet. Thus, all work is done by perpetual motion, and men can fly above their world in great machines, tuned to the frequency of the rings. Freed from manual labor, the men of Saturn have developed great wisdom, and the wisest among them is Xodiac. GOLDIAC, GRAND VIZIAR of the Planet SATURN and Father of XODIAC. He wears a vestment of precious Gold, befitting of his exalted station. His gun and scepter are also Gold.[1]


Cosmic Creators Edition Birnkrant Edition

Production PVC Goldiac - The Man from Saturn. Gold with Gold Chrome accessories. Glyos-compatible. Accessories: Spare arms, removable helmet, staff. First released on February 10th, 2012. Carded figure. Limited Edition to 100 pieces. Sold as a set with Blazing Inferno, Metalmorpho, and Deep Blue Ultra-Nautilus. $125 each 4 figure set.