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Two personalities in one body
Vital statistics
Name Govurom
Species Traveler/Sincroid fusion
Origin Unknown


Govurom is a mutated Traveler/Sincroid from the Glyos System Series. Initially available only as a Custom Corps exclusive, Govurom was turned into a production figure in 2010.


The Moody pilot Govurom

Govurom production prototype head[1]

"Super solid and tough as nails. After eyeballing it for a while this bizarre ship sprung forth: the Moody.

For the pilot, a new character makes his appearance in the Glyos System... Govurom! Grosser than Phanost and crustier than a Crayboth, Govurom is a twisted Sincroid that has fused with a renegade version of Pheyden. Containing two personalities in one body has taken a toll, creating a very decayed and warped visage that is horrifying to those who look upon it. Even though his mind may be slightly bent, the being known as Govurom is extremely dangerous and unpredictable in his actions, piloting his Dimension Jumper throughout multiple realities in search of ancient ruins and their legendary artifacts. His ultimate reasons for these quests remain a mystery."[2]

The Cliffs of Granthan

The Cliffs of Granthan

Somewhere near the Edge of Space, 198XX. In the dark corners of the mysterious Glyos System, the Lost Sincroid Army continue their hard search for their lost leader. The legendary Master Prototype Sincroid Exellis.

Landing on the smoldering outworld planet Granthan, they begin tests on their latest experimental project... The Buildman Infiltrator! Made as a fail safe device for the LSA, the Buildman Infiltrator Unit can scan for imposters.

Govurom confronted on the cliff's edge


"....." grimace Govurom on the cliff's edge as his cloak flapped in the evening breeze.. The sun was setting and his patience with it. " predictable." Marching towards him was a full squad of the standard bearers of the Exellis mission: the Lost Sincroid Army. Green suits and yellow heads stood out brightly against the sun burnt surface of Granthan.

"Halt! What's this?" ordered presumably the squad leader of the LSA troop. "Show yourself!" he quickly added. Govorum let his cloak slip off with the wind and reveal his full stature before them. They knew who he was. "The Traitor - GOVUROM!"

Henshin I

Wave 12

Shining Ghost Govurom

Spectre Govurom

Mono Wave

Wave 14

Classified Govurom

Gendrone Revolution

Wave 15

Reforged Govurom

w/Exellis head - Silver $8