Ground Beetorian
Kabuto Mushi Mk2 DX
Vital statistics
Name Ground Beetorian
Species Beetorian
Origin Sectivorus


Partial transmission recovered as follows, "The Glyos Rig Crew equipped with Armorvors & Ground Beetorian searching for the "Knights Beetorian" ancient temple. Stinger Ground Beetorian stalking a Glyan in the vegetation... Stinger Ground Beetorian lurking in the crags while Glyos Rig Crew Armorvors scan the terrain from a plateau. A "Ground Beetorian" turns on his Rig Crew commanders and goes rogue. Ground Beetorian Kabuto Mushi has new Rig technology to deliver to the Knights Beetorian and Sectivorus Supreme!"


Ground Beetorian

Ground Beetorian - Terracotta Brown with 35 total paint applications & ALL detail lines factory painted. 26 total parts with Mini Mushi. Released October 5th, 2014. $14 each. A limited blank edition was also available. $12 each.[1]


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