Gunmetal Punch Knight
Raw Knight
Vital statistics
Name Gunmetal Punch Knight
Species Human
Origin Earth


In the 80s, the Knight suits were being battle-tested several hundred times. A common area for combat simulations was in upstate New York, specifically in the Hudson Valley (though exact locations have never been disclosed). The dense forest made a perfect backdrop for secret experiments which led to advancements in stealth technology as well as the famed Slicer Hand.[1]


Royal VJ Boosted Bundle Combo set

This package deal includes not only the Upgraded Royal Vector Jump figure, but also a Limb Pack, matching Slicer, AND special clear purple armor for a special discounted price! Use the spare pieces to build the secret Raw Knight: Gunmetal Punch!

INCLUDES: x10 Vector Jump Armor pieces, x1 Main underbody, x2 New Blue colored boots, x2 New Blue colored gloves, x1 New Blue colored helmet, x1 Gunmetal slicer, x7 Gunmetal Armor Pieces. Limited Edition. Released on June 9th, 2017. $23.99 each.


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