Heavy Armored Rig
The Wings of Independence
Vital statistics
Name Heavy Armored Rig
Species Glyan
Origin Various

Character History


Test Shot Rig parts[1]

"The Rig has received an all new attachment!

Simply called the Rig Wing, this Armored Mechachunk gives the standard Rig a different look and feel. This first addition is due out at the end of this month (August) and is operated by the Relgost Division of the Glyan Forces.

I also wanted to take a moment to share a little background on this new version of the Rig. Months ago when our old friend Phil Reed was in town for a visit, I showed him some sketches of what would inevitably lead to this new Wing part. These scribbles were the result of multiple conversations with Phil about what kind of expansions we would like to see for the Rig in general. Since we both had a love for inverted wing designs, an actual wing became the primary focus for the next step in development. After analyzing tons of reference material from 8-Bit Shooter artwork to the crazy Peacemaker UAV from the old movie Deal of the Century, I landed on, of course, a very Real Type looking armored wing."[2]

Real Type II

Wave 17

Heavy Armored Rig Relgost Wing Division

Relgost Wing Division (features an all new Wing Attachment Configuration) $25

Big Rig

Wave 18

Heavy Armored Rig White Skull Wing Division

White Skull Wing Division Red (white with red and black details and multiple tampo printings - standard Rig Wing configuration with same paint job as Big Rig) $25

Heavy Armored Rig White Skull Wing Division Blue

White Skull Wing Division Blue (white with blue and black details and multiple tampo printings - standard Rig Wing configuration) $25

Experimental Mechanics Division

Wave 19

Heavy Armored Rig Experimental Mechanics Division

Experimental Mechanics Division with Wings (gray and orange with black visors/multiple tampo prints) $25

Glyos United

Wave 20

Heavy Armored Rig Zorennor Exploration Division

Zorennor Exploration Division (Light Gray/Gray with Light Blue highlights and multiple tampo prints) $25

Stealth Dimension Division

Wave 21

Heavy Armored Rig Stealth Dimension Division

Stealth Dimension Division (Clear Colorless) $20

Record of the Delphi

Wave 22

Heavy Armored Rig Task Force Volkriun

Task Force Volkriun (Pappysoup Green/Olive Green/light green visors and white tampos) $25

Glyaxia II

Wave 36

Heavy Armored Rig Glyaxia Command

Glyaxia Command (Blue Vinyl/Yellow Paint with Black accents and White tampo prints) $25

Rig Crew II

Wave 39

Heavy Armored Rig Rig Crew

Rig Crew (Light Gray Vinyl/Gray Paint with Black accents and White tampo prints) $25

Volkriun Space Force

Wave 41

Heavy Armored Rig Volkriun Space Force

Volkriun Space Force (Green Vinyl/ Gray Paint with Black accents and White tampo prints) $25

Wave 64

Heavy Armored Rig Selogo Colonist

Selogo Colonists (Grey Vinyl/ Blue Paint with Red/Black accents and White tampo prints) $26 each.


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