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Hollow Earth
Globe west 2048.jpg
The Planet Earth
Vital statistics
Type Planet
Location Solar System
Capital Monstro City
Inhabitants Mystron’s Minions, Demons, Imps


Contained within and accessible through caverns in the polar regions is Hollow Earth.

Men from Hollow Earth


See: Mystron

B.L.Z. Bub

Come fly on Wings of Darkness, into the depths of Hollow Earth again. Through the Secret Polar Portals, well hidden from mere Earthly Mortals, we pass the Ring of Blackness, where eyeless creatures, blind and hapless, who've never seen, nor been seen, grope aimlessly through the endless caves and catacombs of night, hungering for light. Now, soaring over Monstro City, Capital of Mystron’s Minions, ablaze with the radiant red-orange energy of effervescent Lava Light, we travel onward, ever downward, beyond the legendary Gates of Hell, and deep into the “Blue Light Zone”, the place where Demons dwell. Here in the Ultra-violent glow, we meet the mighty “BUB”, Guardian of the “B.L.Z.”. His bosom buddy “BUSTER” and his Imp “PRESARIO”, affectionately, call him “BUBBY”. But he is, and will always be, “B.L.Z. BUB”.[1]

Women from Hollow Earth


DEZDEMONA, the Woman from Hollow Earth, is MYSTRON’S sister. Among the Beauties of the Nether World, she reigns supreme! On moonlit nights, she leaves the caves and caverns of the Demon World, behind, to fly into the midnight sky, and enter the habitats and dreams of mere mortals, like you and I. Those humans, who have a touch of evil in them, perceive only her haunting beauty, and thus, embrace her, willingly. But, those, among us, who are pure in heart, and say our prayers at night, Fear Not! For DEZDEMONA’S heavenly body is inhabited by an invisible entity that all good men can clearly see, and flee. With gaping maw and grasping claw, it feeds upon the corruption in men’s souls. What evil lurks in the heart of man? Only DEZDEMONA knows.[2]