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Hornet Mushi
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Kabuto Mushi Mk2 Super DX
Vital statistics
Name Hornet Mushi
Species Beetorian
Origin Sectivorus


An homage to the Japanese toyline Microman[1] which was licensed and released by MEGO in the U.S. in the under the name Micronauts[2]. Specifically the Hornet Mushi and Hornet Squad members are based on colors of the Hornetroid alien spacecraft.[3]


Hornet Mushi[]

Hornet Mushi - Black with paint applications. 26 total parts with Mini Mushi. This Super Deluxe Kabuto Mushi edition includes a pair of orange Axis Joint Set‏‎s and clear purple parts from Weaponeers of Monkaa‏‎. First offered at C2E2 2015, April 24th-26th, and then released online. $25 each.[4] A limited amount of unpainted solid black Kabuto Mushi figures were available for $12 each.

Hornet Squad Mushi[]

Hornet Squad Mushi - Metallic Black with paint applications. A Kabuto Mushi plus 2 sets each of Spy Monkey Creations Weapon Armory A & B and two Axis Joint Sets. 108 total parts with Mini Mushi. Released on June 23rd, 2023. $60 each.

A Limited Edition unpainted Metallic Black Build Set of 3 basic figures (Mushi, Nemesis, Bio Monster) was available for $45 each.