Hydro Blue Armor
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Hydro Blue Armor
Vital statistics
Name Hydro Blue Armor
Species n/a
Origin Earth


Having invested in the floating research hub called Sub City, Fred Foods benefits cutting edge R&D and experimental technology. Sent straight from the lab boys at Sub City, the Hydro Armor contains deep-sea water that sloshes around inside the traditional KOTS armor parts. That seems to be all it does. It just makes weird water noises. Nothing else. A bit disappointing to be honest! Could there be a secret power granted by this armor under the right circumstances? Probably... but seems unlikely. I feel like they would've given us a heads up if that were true. Not a good use of our investment. Anyways....


Production Hydro Blue Armor - Translucent Blue accessories. Can be added to any 3 3/4" tall Knights of the Slice figure or other Glyos compatible toys. 8 total parts. Limited Edition. Released on July 23rd, 2018. $5.00 each.

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