Hyper Eel
Stealth Specialist
Vital statistics
Name Hyper Eel
Species Human
Origin Earth


Hyper Eel

"A infiltration soldier close to Marson's inner circle, Hyper quizzically wears the cracked mask of an Earth KOTS rather than the standard Finhead helmet of the Hyper Knights. Sneaking out to meet Combat Bugmen, Eel might be trying to defect... or he might be setting a trap. Despite preferring to go on missions in quiet and solitary fashion, Eel has a Frankenslice ability to morph his limbs into massive cannons for when things get FUBAR."

Production PVC Hyper Knight - Hyper Eel. Light Grey with paint applications. Device Ninja Add-on arm parts. 3 3/4" tall. Glyos compatible. 17 total parts. Released on March 31st, 2020. $21 each.


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