Hyper Quiet Green Armor
Hyper Quiet Green Armor
Vital statistics
Name Hyper Quiet Green Armor
Species n/a
Origin Earth


Hyper Quiet Green Armor represents a step forward in the KOTS' ability to counter the threat of the Rift Killers. Due to the R.K.'s sensitivity to sound, it's crucial the Knights can mask their movement and noise as much as possible. When wearing the green armor, an audio-reactive bubble surrounds the wearer. It creates a negative interference that muffles any noise emitted by the user. It also has the odd side effect of cushioning falls from great heights, although this is not it's intended use.


Production Hyper Quiet Green Armor - Translucent Green accessories. Can be added to any 3 3/4" tall Knights of the Slice figure or other Glyos compatible toys. 8 total parts. Limited Edition. Released on June 4th, 2018. $5.00 each.

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