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Kabuto Mushi
Horned Beetle Warriors
Product Line
Product Line Kabuto Mushi
Company TheGodBeast
Species Beetorian, Instar, Nemesis
Origin Sectivorus
Main Character(s) None
Faction(s) Beetorian Corps, Nemesis
Also see None


Former home of the Beetorian Corps, Sectivorus fell to an invasion of Infection by the Nemesis. The Cimaxus-class Cruiser Altriac managed to lift off under heavy fire with the last survivors of their kind thanks to the actions of a brave Beetorian Trooper. This sacrifice earned him the legendary Beetorian Title of Kabuto Mushi.

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Kabuto Mushi Mk1

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Kabuto Mushi Mk2 DX

Kabuto Mushi Mk2 Super DX


Nemesis DX

Mini Mushi

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Titan Mushi

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Sold through TheGodBeast webstore to go with matching Kabuto Mushi figures for special Contained Builds.



Bio-Mass Monster



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Kabuto Mushi Mk2 DX

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