Knight of Illumination
Let there be Light
Vital statistics
Name Knight of Illumination
Species Unknown
Origin Unknown


See: Zero Point


Special Crossover Edition

"Special crossover with Onell Design! As Darkness Fell, so must the Light Arise! This all-new Knight may be friend - and foe! Matches recent Onell Design white and clear blue for maximum building potential! Includes bonus DARK TRAVELER parts for a variety of looks!"

Production Knight of Illumination Special Crossover Edition. White with Gold Accents and tampos. SPECIAL CROSSOVER EDITION with Onell Design. Includes all-new white fabric cape, Dark Traveler belt, clear blue (Glyrecon) Robo Force Weapons Set, and bonus alternate pieces (Dark Traveler torso, scarves, Traveler belt, & Glyan heads with Gold details) for multiple configurations! 50 total parts. Released on May 13th, 2018. $20 each.


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