Knights of the Slice
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Tokusatsu Pizza Warriors
Product Line
Product Line Knights of the Slice
Company Toy Pizza
Species Human
Origin Earth
Main Character(s) Lime Knight, Brick Knight, Teal Knight
Faction(s) Knights of the Slice, The Old Heroes
Also see Knights of the Synth, Crae the Jagged Age, Action Figure of the Month Club


Back in 1984, when the fledgling food chain “Pizza Shunt” was first starting it’s rapid franchise expansion, the mysterious CEO (known only as) Fred started experimenting with a mascot that could be his proxy at public events. He tested several suit designs and personnel before ultimately abandoning the project in the late 80s. The Knights of the Slice would live on as successful kids meal toy until the mid 2040s, when an increasing wave of food-based crimes would necessitate the revival of the Knights of the Slice.

Knights of the Slice are compatible with Mega Merge figures by following the instructions found here.

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2015 Series

Series One

2016 Series

Operation: Cold Slice

2017 Series

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2019 Series

Action Figure of the Month Club 2019 figures crossover for public stock sales after each month is shipped.

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Exclusive Knights

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Exclusive Knights

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Goldbags: Custom Knights

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