Lava Strike Force Gohlem
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Elemental Warriors
Vital statistics
Name Lava Strike Force Gohlem
Species Weaponeer
Origin Monkaa


"Some of the squad started taking on unique forms and adapting new abilities as well as being able to better control our shape-shifting and forging traits. The first of us to do so was my brother, Ehmber. He'd given himself that name, so proud to finally even understand what a name was. He chose to emulate the armor and helm of Palidar. “That all may be our enemy,” he would say. “But that all was the most formidable foe we will ever face on the battle field. I honor his skill by wearing this helm.” The others soon followed Ehmber’s example. They soon gave themselves names. Burhn, Boihl, Blahst, and Blahze. Followed by Mag-Nahr and Mag-Lahr, the molten twins. Then came Cyndehr, who to the surprise of the squad took the form and beauty of a fierce warrior maiden. After that Inferneus, Volcaneus, and Scaldeus. Finally the largest of us, Flame Beard who sprouted an uncontrollable plume of searing fire on the entire lower half of his face.

Many months passed. So curious we became about our world and in honing our new individuality that we had all but forgotten we set out to return to the Pit. We travelled across the entire northern hemisphere of Monkaa. Battling Gearo, and occasionally Vilhain, depending on the encounter and the balance of power. The whispers on the wind had reached us that our small band of warriors were being called the Lava Strike Force by the common folk and the survivors of our battles. We had become an impressive and deadly faction all our own. From some we were met with honor, reverence, given shelter and sustenance when we needed. From others we were feared and shunned, entire villages emptying like spirit vaults when we rode through.

We were a force like none other on Monkaa. Not quite Vilhain, no longer Gohlem, and certainly nothing like the Gearo we had met along the way. We came to odds many more times with the Vilhain and the injustices we witnessed perpetrated against the denizens of Monkaa from them than we ever did with the Gearo. Injustices that as we drew closer to the Vilhain keep we could no longer turn blind eyes to. We would indeed return to Castle Umbreus, but we would not be welcomed. We would arrive at our destination much more than the Pit, much more than the hive that spawned us. We were veterans, a strike force of elite warriors. Instead of returning to the Pit to be reclaimed by it we would return to liberate the rest of our kind. We thirteen would return to defeat the Vilhain hordes and give those of the Pit the same freedom and abilities we had finally come to realize were our rightful place in the Great Gear."[1]


Lava Strike Force

Based on the Lava Strike Force storyline.[2]

"Lava Strike Force is a standard Weaponeer figure with additional paint details. It includes a full set of bonus heads and sword and sickle accessories. Each figure includes 31 Glyos System Compatible Black PVC parts. This figure was originally planned for a very special mini-drop that eventually led to the creation of the characters Fyreball & Ehmber. These are in VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES. $15.00 each." Released July 9th, 2014.[3]


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