Leather Knight
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"L'enfer, c'est les autres"
Vital statistics
Name Leather Knight
Species Human
Origin Earth


An ancient friend of the Order of the K.O.T.S., Leather Knight lives in a subterranean cave below Pizza Shunt H.Q.

Originally from the same time period as Royal Knight, Leather utilizes his Vector Cape (remember those?) to access other dimensions and acquire their resources. He then fashions weapons out of the materials he gathers.

He's a bit of a perfectionist and prefers to work in silence by himself.


Clutter Magazine Leather Knight

"First Factory Test Shot - Dated on feet by artist."

Leather Knight (KotS) figure. Released on on February 10th, 2018. $50 each.

Deluxe Leather Knight

Leather features The Savage Realm of Battle Tribes weapons provided by our friends at Spy Monkey Creations!

Includes: 1 Leather Knight Deluxe with real cloth cape, 1 Battle Tribe Mantel, 1 Battle Tribe Sword, 1 Battle Tribe Axe, 1 Battle Tribe Mace, 1 Battle Tribe Shield

Production Leather Knight - Fleshtone with leather straps tampo, Glyknight cape, and modified Battle Tribes accessories in Gunmetal. 3 3/4" tall with 10 points of articulation. 23 total parts. Limited Edition. Released April 30th, 2018. $16.00 each.

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