The Lost Sincroid Army
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They will bring him back... all hail Exellis!
Vital statistics
Name The Lost Sincroid Army
Species Sincroid
Origin Unknown


The Lost Sincroid Army are the descendants of Prototype Sincroid Exellis who have dedicated their lives to finding their lost commander. With relentless tenacity, they search for Exellis, determined to complete their ultimate goal of ushering in a New Sincroid Age. Space Trappers Rechlen and Aves have narrowly escaped these hardened soldiers on many an occasion. The Lost Sincroid Army seem to have a particular interest in Aves.[1]


Aves VS The Lost Sincroid Army

"Routine scuffle on Planet Ilphim.[2] The LSA relentlessly pursue Rechlen and Aves throughout the Glyos System, attempting to kidnap Aves whenever they get the chance. Luckily, Aves is a tough little guy and can take care of himself - even though it saddens him to battle his fellow Sincroids."[3]

Rechlen and Aves Photo Real Guide Excerpts

"With the power to travel through the Edge of Space and anywhere, the Traveler (Pheyden) sees all. These visions concerns a dangerous life forms calling themselves the Lost Sincroid Army. These hardened soldiers believe that their leader, the Sincroid called Exellis, is still alive believed somewhere in the Glyos System. Where is Exellis? Rechlen, for once, would be surprised by the answer."


"They will bring him back... all hail Exellis!

As acting sub-commander of the Lost Sincroid Army, Nobotos lives by this creed. For the return of Proto-Sincroid Exellis has been foretold for thirteen generations, but searching the Glyos System inside and out has yet to reveal his location.

All the soldiers in the Lost Sincroid Army are almost identical. Being directly descended from Exellis gives them many special abilities, but they are also subject to corrupted programs."

The Noboto Mission

In Rechlen and Aves, Noboto is a prototype Sincroid that is dispatched by the Lost Sincroid Army to find a way through the Edge of Space - with the hope of locating their missing leader, Exellis.

The RA version of Noboto sets out on this mission piloting a special Sarvonic Gendrone (Gobon), which helps regulate Noboto's unstable prototype body. Due to his ability to manifest something called the "Phanost Effect", Noboto is able to reach into the Edge of Space, but only through a tethered phantom version of himself. Believe it or not this weirdness was all laid out back in 2004!"[4]

The Cliffs of Granthan

Buildman failing to find Govurom in time (from the Bad Ending)

Near the Edge of Space in the year "198XX," the Lost Sincroid Army has arrived on Granthan to test their new Infiltrator Buildman, which can detect imposters hiding within the LSA's ranks. Suddenly, some of their members run into Govurom, who mocks their search for Exellis before attacking the Sincroids. The LSA Granthan Corps arrives to destroy the traitor, but Govurom vanishes before they are able to. The Infiltrator Buildman is called in to locate Govurom.

The Buildman finds Govurom and the two exchange energy blasts as the Granthan Corps flees. The Buildman kills Govurom. Pheyden appears and alters the Buildman, changing its eyes from red to blue, and says that it was destined "for more than this." The two teleport away to embark on a new mission.

Elder Teachings

"This current version of the LSA (Standard Lost Sincroid Army and Granthan Corps Lost Sincroid Army) was resurrected by Elder Exellis to right the many wrongs that the original LSA had done."[5] "They should really be called the New Sincroid Army, due to Exellis finally assuming command of something that always stood against what he believed Sincroids should be. Glyaxia Command have been working on a dark project which became the impetus behind the LSA finally coming together with their long sought after and enigmatic leader."[6]

Cliff Travels: Granthan Revisited

Enigma Source

Wave 30

Lost Sincroid Army Genesis Corps

The Ecroyex Initiative

Wave 32

Gendrone Rebellion Lost Sincroid Army

Neo Empire Lost Sincroid Army

Lost Sincroid Army

Wave 37

Granthan Corps Lost Sincroid Army

Standard Lost Sincroid Army


The original LSA featured in Rechlen and Aves were searching for Exellis. The production version of the LSA represents the (New) Lost Sincroid Army under the leadership of Elder Exellis.

Lost Sincroid Army Command

Lost Sincroid Army Members

Lost Sincroid Army Genesis Corps Command

Lost Sincroid Army Genesis Corps Members

Lost Sincroid Army Gendrone Rebellion Command

Lost Sincroid Army Gendrone Rebellion Members


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