A feared winged hunter
Vital statistics
Name Manglodactyl
Species Manglors
Origin Uzalek


A feared winged hunter whose name means "terror from the sky".



Manglodactyl Study triple

Matt Doughty

The scientists aboard the Research Station Damascus have been tasked with a difficult proposition -- extracting the unique factor of the Mordles that allows them to mutate into larger monstrous forms, known in some circles as the Manglors. Contracts for scientific research do not come without strings -- the mysterious entity requesting this information expects results, and his arrival at the station is scheduled for the next solar cycle. Luckily, the Krilophytes are among the best at science, and have made significant progress. A purified line of Mordles have been cultivated, and the Krilophytes are preparing for their hatching, unaware of trouble on the horizon...
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