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Mars globe 1584x1584 2.jpg
The Red Planet
Vital statistics
Type Planet
Location Solar System
Capital Unstated
Inhabitants Martian, Kaldors, Dune Surfers


The once great cities of Mars have long ago crumbled. It is the fourth from the sun in the Solar System and is dying. Time and water are running out as the vast canals that once flowed freely now lie buried under a desert of rust red sand. Beneath the silent rust-red surface of a once green planet, no longer hospitable to life, through adaptability and creative biology, the brave inhabitants of Mars survive. Traveling aboard their Flying Saucers, Men of Mars have gathered out of this world technology from every corner of the Cosmos. From Planet Earth, they have acquired a science known as “Bio-Tek”, equipping their military with living weaponry, derived from Earth’s Biology. Their naming system, too, is based on Earth-like Alphabets. Thus, every member of the Martian Armada, depending on his rank and station, has a name ranging from Alpha to Zed. From Alpha One, the Supreme Commander, to the most lowly Zed Eye Warrior, each has both a letter and a number for his name. Martians are so cute and tiny! It’s obvious that they are friendly! Few of us would ever pause to wonder why their planet derives its name, from an ancient God of War.


Knights of the Slice: Dune Surfers

"Martians alluded detection by Earthlings for decades due to being (like all other planet inhabitants in the solar system) subterranean dwellers. Over the past 30 years or so the two cultures have established diplomatic relations, with surprisingly little blood shed. Language barriers were quickly solved through technology. Though humans are still forbidden from entering the inner Cities of Mars, Martians have established joint bases aboveground to work alongside the visitors.

Martians wear "surfer armor" to protect themselves from the elements and because the Martian surface still has pockets of unbreathable air (despite decades of terra-forming). There are two known types of martians, known colloquially as "greens" and "clears". Greens are opaque in skin tone and regarded as a higher caste. Clears, as the name implies, have semi translucent green skin, and are regarded as second class proletariat."[1]

Knights of the Slice: US Space Force Rex Ganon

Many years ago, In his first mission for Space Force, Rex Ganon is deployed to the red planet for a simple recon mission. He crosses paths with none other than the Princess of Mars. Ensorcelled by her beauty, Rex is coaxed into taking off his helmet... to disastrous effect.[2]

Princess and Viscountess of Mars, Aloce Iless, encounters a young Rex Ganon during his first deployment to the red planet. While Rex claims to come in peace, Aloce knows behind him is a war machine looking to colonize. The earthling must be destroyed at all costs![3]

As a fresh-faced, 18 year-old enrollee in US Space Force, Rex Ganon found himself 140 million miles from home. He was tricked by a martian women into removing his helmet for a kiss and sustained heavy damage to his lungs. It was only through an experimental emergency surgery that his life was saved, though he bares a mechanical torso for his folly.[4]

Knights of the Slice: Portal to the Trilobyte Kingdom

"It has long been theorized that there is a direct, sustained, vector portal somewhere on Mars connecting to the Trilobyte Kingdom. This hypothesis explains how Marson was able to inure himself to the Trilobyte King, without being a native of that dimension."[5]

Knights of the Slice: Kaldors

"A special garrison of Hyper Knights, called Kaldors, patrol Mars for the King. They are solitary types and prefer to sleep outside rather than interact at any of the above ground bases."[6]