Mighty Maniax
A wild world of Action, Horror, and Sci-fi Fantasy
Product Line
Product Line Mighty Maniax
Company Rocom Toys
Species Human, Mutant, Monster, Robot
Origin Earth
Main Character(s) Johnny Tombstone, Fishstik, Viper
Faction(s) None
Also see None


October 1st, 2020 introduced a new Kickstarter to fund a 2021 line of action figures related to action, horror, and sci-fi fantasy genres. The project reached initial funding in 14 hours with stretch goals being offered up to $100,000 for a Mighty Maniax retro video game.

Currently the toy production schedule is advancing in 3 phases, which are...

  • Phase 1: Monsters & Heroes
  • Phase 2: Slashers & Brawlers
  • Phase 3: Robots

Rocom Toys Releases

Wave 1

Kickstarter Wave

Double Pack


Wave 2

Kickstarter Wave

Wave 3

Kickstarter Wave



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