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Mini Blocker Rig
Compact Rig Power
Vital statistics
Name Mini Blocker Rig
Species Glyan
Origin Various

Character History

"A special "Mini" Blocker Rig marks the return of some vinyl outside of the Syclodoc/Armodoc mold. This Blocker configuration dates all the way back to last year, when I was first building with the Block. Maybe it's the compact look of the parts all tightly packed together, but for some reason I really like the idea of smaller Mini Rigs."[1]

Operation: Sonesidar

Wave 26

Mini Blocker Rig Sonesidar Defense Force

Sonesidar Defense Force Mini Blocker Rig - Gray/painted White with Green accents and multiple Green/White tampos. $20

The Reydurran Divide

Wave 27

Mini Blocker Rig Reydurran Operations Unit

Reydurran Operations Unit Mini Blocker Rig - Black/painted Warm Grey with Red accents and multiple Red/White tampos. $20