Mini Mordles
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The Hunted have become the Hunters
Vital statistics
Name Mini Mordles
Species Mordles
Origin Uzalek


Mordles species chart

Mordles Species Chart[1]

Formerly the lowest thing on the food chain, the Mordles have been hatching from Manglor Eggs all over the place. Everywhere you look is a new type of Mini Mordles tribe running around unchecked by the Rocks and Bugs of Uzalek. Will the food chain be restored?


Standard Edition

Standard Edition Mordles ten pack (yellow with blue highlights) and included Manglor Egg! Released June 28th, 2013. $16 each.[2]

Crawler Edition

Crawler Edition Mordles ten pack (blue with yellow highlights), which features the Zerak species (the one in the front of this picture). Released June 28th, 2013. $12 each.[3]

Rampaging Edition

Rampaging Edition Mordles, featuring the COMMANDER of all Mordles, his faithful lieutenants, and seven bonus Mordles! Released July 26th, 2013. $12 each.[4]

Solar Storm Edition

Solar Storm Edition pink is unreal in-hand and for the first (and probably last) time ever, a GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Manglor Egg! Released July 26th, 2013. $12 each for Mordles, $4 each for a Glow-in-the-Dark Manglor Egg.[5]

Sonesidar Edition

Sonesidar Edition yellow orange. Released August 29th, 2013. $12 each.[6]

Nebular Edition

Nebular Edition purple. Released August 29th, 2013. $12 each.[7]

Explorer Edition

Explorer Mordle Edition introducing ZINTAR THE EXPLORER MORDLE, a key character in the Mordles mythology. First released at NYCC 2013 and online November 21st, 2013. $1 each.[8] Purchase of the any color single Mordle figure also earned you a Free Explorer Mordle between 4 options while supplies lasted.

A five pack was later added to complete the Explorers with ZEMO THE HUNTER and the other four Explorer Mordles! $5 each.

Sect of Rand Edition

Sect of Rand Edition bringing back the classic red Mordle color with all-new black paint apps for extra demonic presence! Also features the character of RAND. First released at NYCC 2013 and online November 21st, 2013. $10 each.[9]

Underworld Edition

Underworld Edition making black Mordles available for the first time! First released at NYCC 2013 and online November 21st, 2013. $10 each.[10]

Geist Edition

Geist Edition are Glow-in-the-Dark Mordles. Released January 10th, 2014. $10 each.[11] Re-issued April 24th, 2014.[12]

Seas of Uzalek Edition

Seas of Uzalek Edition includes the ten classic Mordle designs in grey color with black highlights. Released March 23rd, 2014. $10 each.[13]

Electra-Geists Edition

Electra-Geists Edition with the electrical death touch. Released July 18th, 2014. $10 each.[14]

Ardaan's Mist Edition

Ardaan's Mist Edition are a special branch of the Mordle defense network - nearly invisible, they can strike at their enemies without being seen! Released July 18th, 2014. $10 each.[15]

Hunter Edition

MKK, first of the Hunter Edition Mordles, he searches for an elusive legend near the polar caps of planet Uzalek. Released July 18th, 2014. $1 each.[16]

Additional individual Hunters were added afterwards: Barg, Merex, Reedsy, Mocc, and Dardin. $1 each. An updated individual Hunters line-up was later offered as the first members sold out: Barg, Merex, Tribin, and Seade. The remaining two types of Hunter Mordles were included with the Tribe of Fire Edition.

Chroniclers Edition

"First-ever METALLIC Mordle edition! Gris the Zerak Mordle is the keeper of all of the Mordle secrets! And his followers protect the secrets of Uzalek! Learn the price they paid for ultimate knowledge!"

Chroniclers Edition, meet Gris and the Chroniclers, and learn the price they paid for ultimate knowledge in upcoming Mordle comics! Released January 30th, 2015. $10 each.[17]

Flesh Edition

Flesh Edition, OMFG-themed collaboration exclusive for October Toys' 24 Hour Toy Break[18]. Painted and Unpainted sets available.

Tribe of Fire Edition

Tribe of Fire Edition with Geca and Deow, a special 12 pack of Mordles, including two of the Hunter (white and blue) Mordles! Meet Lord Firet and his Tribe of Fire. What fun do they have planned for their new friends from the Hunter Tribe, GECA and DEOW? Includes all ten vintage Mordle sculpts in orange and blue, as well as the Caborux and Rellun Mordles in white and blue Hunter deco. Released May 9th, 2015. $12 each.[19]

Redlaw Edition

Redlaw Edition, are cosmic invaders who have found Uzalek! Throughout the universe, a plague known as REDLAW stalks the universe. Now they have taken the form of Mordles and are attacking Uzalek! Includes all ten vintage Mordle sculpts in clear purple with silver highlights, matching the popular "Redlaw" color selection of Onell Design! Released September 22nd, 2015. $10 each.[20]

Denizens of the Pale Mordles Pack Edition

What are the newest colors of the Mordles®? It's a MYSTERY until you get it! Includes MORDIE™, Maxx Zero's™ best friend from Uzalek™! Released September 25th, 2016. $10 each.

Slime Mordles Edition

"The Mordles! Those denizens of Uzalek, supreme eating machines! These are not the Mordles - they are a loving construct of evil, slime itself pressed into the shape of the Mordles! What is it about the Oozar element that does this to biological life?!? Will Maxx Zero and his new Robo Force be able to prevail!"[22]

"Mordles® in an all-new SLIME CLEAR GREEN color! Eyes and mouth/teeth are painted yellow - super creepy!" Released on December 28th, 2016. $10 each.[23]

Demo-Geist Edition

"All-new clear red-orange Mordles! The ghosts of Rand's cult!"

Mordles - Demo-Geist Edition. Clear Infection Red. First released at New Jersey Comic Con on August 12-13th, 2017.[24] Released online on August 20th, 2017. $10 each.

M.O.R.D.L.E. Edition

"Tribute to a classic minifigure line! Mono style for vintage accuracy (no paint details)!"

Mordles - M.O.R.D.L.E. Edition. Pink M.U.S.C.L.E. First released at New Jersey Comic Con on August 12-13th, 2017.[25] Released online on August 20th, 2017. $10 each.

GUTS Edition

"Tribute to a classic minifigure line! Mono style (no paint details)!" Released on January 17th, 2018. $10 each.

Shadow Warrior Edition

"These deadly shades carry out the bidding of the Knight of Darkness! Special edition with cosmic "glitter" encased throughout their bodies!" Gray Galaxy colorway with red paint. Tribute to the Shadow Warriors. Released on January 17th, 2018. $10 each.

Illumination Demons Edition

"Servants of the Knight of Illumination™!" Released on May 13th, 2018. $10 each.

Slime Pit Mordles Edition

"Originating as the living food stuffs of the cult 80's toyline, Rocks & Bugs & Things, Toyfinity resurrected The Mordles as part of The Glyos Universe! Now, The Mini Figure Militia in conjunction with The Mordle Horde, is offering our very own exclusive "Slime Pit Mordles", which not only pay homage to MOTU in a special translucent green with Horde red deco, but come stamped with the official MFM logos!"[26]

Oozarian Green with Red paint. The Mini Figure Militia Exclusive. Released on January 20, 2019. $14 each.

Cerulestar Edition

"MORDLES® - CERULESTAR™ EDITION. THEY GLOW!" Released on October 4th, 2019. $10 each.

Shining Edition

"MORDLES® - SHINING EDITION Bringing sunshine into your life!" Released on May 8th, 2020. Special Price. $6 each.


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