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The Stranger and Weaponeers cross Monkaa
Vital statistics
Type Planet
Location Outer Space
Capital The Citadel
Inhabitants Weaponeer


The Stranger floated and spun like a leaf in a gale, a mere idea in a maelstrom of possibilities. The Weaponeers had offered him an invitation to cross over to their realm, which they referred to as Monkaa. He learned that they were called The Gearo, builders and guardians on their home world and were seeking allies to join their cause. The Stranger agreed to the visit and followed them into the portal to their dimension. Their dimensional rifts were like nothing he had ever experienced. His own abilities to fold space and travel the breadth of his universe were practically instantaneous. But The Weaponeers' rifts pierced the very fabric of reality and seemed to temporarily suspend all rules of linear time and space.

Stretching his senses, he began to perceive what he soon realized were other universes. He saw a universe where diminutive Travelers crossed a cosmos of sentient machines and fearful amalgamated beasts. He saw universes of fantastic beings from the reaches of Outer Space, men as awe inspiring as they were alien. Canne'boid hordes, Armorvors, Ancient Astronauts; the worlds open to these Weaponeers and their Armories were limitless.

Then, in a flash of light, it was over. The Stranger blinked in the harsh glare of three alien suns and looked around. Huge crags rose from deep gorges, as if the very landscape were formed of great conflict. In the distance a vast jungle sprawled and the vague shapes of gigantic creatures lumbered in the murk. But what shook The Stranger to his very core was the pulse of raw power that emanated from the ground at his feet. The very fabric of this universe hummed with potential energy, each boulder and rock almost crying out to be formed into a tool of great power or a weapon of great destruction.

"Welcome to Monkaa, Stranger." He turned to see Empyreus Rex and his two companions. Unlike earlier whereas The Weaponeers had merely exuded power, here on their home world they threw off waves of force like miniature suns. "I trust the crossing wasn’t too much of a shock?"[1]