Mutant Evolver Pheyaos
Evolved Chaos Merged Space Traveler
Vital statistics
Name Mutant Evolver Pheyaos
Species Chaos/Traveler fusion
Origin Unknown


Pheyaos is a joint Vinyl effort between RealxHead and Onell Design. As of Wave 80 Pheyaos has become a production PVC figure first referred to as Mutant Evolver Pheyaos.

Character History

Real Fusion

"During SDCC I received one of the best things in my toy making and collecting history, the first shot of our collaboration with Mori of Real X Head, a character we named Pheyaos. This little creature was dreamed up while I was visiting Japan last April. Mori and I wanted a representation of his main mutant, Chaos, fused with ol' Pheyden. Chaos has the ability to "sample" other beings with his Probe Arm and maybe he decided to absorb something cosmic for one of his experiments. Pheyaos is a first on quite a few levels - he is the first Real X Head mini with articulated arms and personally, he is the first toy design I worked on that I didn't actually sculpt. Mori's sculptor is incredible and captured all the details with precision and intuition. I haven't been able to put this thing down since I picked it up."[1]

Mutant Weirdo


RHND! 10th Anniversary[2]

"Chaos has lent its DNA, but not its noggin. However, elements of the Chaos head design were incorporated in a "roundabout" way to allow for some options." "Mori and I really wanted the swapping to be easy and fun, but we also worked to maintain the sculptural aspects of the RxH brand." "The asymmetry follows closely to the source material, with some "mirrored" parts sprinkled throughout the lower body, but it mostly has unique weirdness on each side." "We really tried to bridge the gap between the narrative style and building style of figures, but with the primary concentration being on the overall visual look of the character. This aspect was particularly important due to its lineage and the original design principles that Mori and I share."[3]

"13 parts total (plus 1 Switch Pin), same as Pheyden, only more robust. Pheyaos (1.2 oz) weighs exactly double that of Pheyden (.6 oz). Crazy how that unintentionally worked out on the nose!"[4] "There's something about building with only the parts of a specific style figure that pushes the limits in some unexpected ways. I still have great memories of building crazy early Villser Mutations and Reflex Suits using only Pheyden and Exellis parts!

A lot of that spirit definitely lives on in this new figure, now with the added bonuses of having functions in the bottoms of the feet and the center of the back. "[5]

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Test Shot Mutant Evolver Pheyaos with Pheyden as a pose reference for "Wrath of the Reborn". (Photo by Matt Doughty)[6]


Early Skeleden/REALxHEAD Pheyaos head inspiration sketch (Top Right)[7]

"The new figure does have some direct ties to the Villser (and Pheyden) thematically, especially if you look back at the older Villser concept drawings. That being said, this is a completely separate deal than the ongoing Villser Extra Set project, though a solid build cross-compatibility was still firmly in mind during this new figure's entire development (angles, sizing, sculpting, etc.).

One of the main intentions with this new mutant was to create something that was between a "narrative" design and a "building" design, with a significant amount of focus placed on capturing the original "feel" of Pheyden, but updated with fit functions on the bottoms of the feet and the center of the back -with a little added overall size to cut a fresh silhouette within the general Glyos lineup."[8]

"We've been working with Mori towards this new release for many years and it feels pretty wild to finally hold the finished product of all those talks, work sessions and visits in the palm of your hand. Can't wait until you guys start playing around with this little mutant as well!

Mori's an incredible artist and person, and we wanted to truly honor his creativity and ingenuity with some fully realized PVC action!"[9]


Wrath of the Reborn


Mutant Evolver Pheyaos


Pheyaos Triple Stinger

Reemerging from the events surrounding the appearance of the Atarikoth Comet and the devastating Diversus Gate Incident that followed, Gatekeeper Viyer once again turned his focus on the study and genetic manipulation of the most unique and powerful entities found throughout the Glyos System and beyond. Accompanied by his loyal bodyguard and friend, Traveler Evenollus, Viyer crossed through the Zorennor Rift aboard his rebuilt Edgeliner Marezioc in search of the original Villser homeworld, Odravunn, and the untold lifeforms rumored to exist there. However, before reaching their destination, the Edgeliner was attacked by an unknown, cycloptic creature that possessed bizarre and incredible dimensional abilities. After a long and exhaustive battle due to the its extraordinary regenerative properties, the chaotic beast was finally repelled by the brave actions of Evenollus, who suffered near fatal damage in the process of phasing through the monster's body. Desperate to save the life of his companion, Viyer infused Evenollus with a combination of hyper powered Mordireus energy and a captured sample of the very beast that almost destroyed him...[10]

Hybrid Horizons

Wave 80

Pheyaos Enigma Fusion

Includes extra Switch Pin. 14 total parts. $14

Pheyaos Hyper Mordireus Fusion

Includes extra Switch Pin. 14 total parts. $14

Pheyaos Stealth Fusion

Includes extra Switch Pin. 14 total parts. $11

Feral Futures

Wave 81

Pheyaos Rothan

Includes extra Switch Pin. 14 total parts. $14

Pheyaos Tyraxsis

Includes extra Switch Pin. 14 total parts. $14

Pheyaos Floraphase

Includes extra Switch Pin. 14 total parts. $14

Pheyaos Rothan Source

Super limited supply! Includes extra Switch Pin. 14 total parts. $11

Pheyaos Phase Source

Super limited supply! Includes extra Switch Pin. 14 total parts. $11

Ruthless Restorations

Wave 82

Pheyaos Standard

Some early packages included an extra blank Pheyaos Standard with no paint.

Includes extra Switch Pin. 14 total parts. $14

Pheyaos Mechacelium

Includes extra Switch Pin. 14 total parts. $14

Pheyaos Alloyer Clone

Includes extra Switch Pin. 14 total parts. $11


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