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Mystical Warriors of the Ring
Alright, I want a good clean fight...
Product Line
Product Line Mystical Warriors of the Ring
Company Fantastic Plastic Toys
Species Various
Origin Earth
Main Character(s) Goliath
Faction(s) None
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Before the days of Attitude and Extreme Champions, it was about fun with tongue-in-cheek stereotypes and over-the-top personalities. You could be Macho Man, you could be a Hot Rod, or you could be a Sergeant standing for your country against the Soviet challenger. The world is once again filled with big characters and over-exaggerated stories harking back to the simpler times you may remember of wrestling, just now in anthropomorphic form. Behold the squared circle of the AWF.

Glyos Figures

  • Goliath - The Florida Keys Heavyweight
  • Talos (Planned)

Mini Figures

  • Alberto Corazon - Grandfather of the Hart Pride
  • Ashur Corazon - Brother of Leonidas Hart
  • Kayin Kungaa - The West African Gorilla King
  • Leander Corazon - Cousin of Leo Corazon
  • Leo Corazon - Son of Leonidas Hart
  • Leonidas Hart - Promoter, son of Alberto Corazon
  • Ransom Corazon - Youngest Brother of Leonidas Hart
  • Referee Barker - The Ring Referee
  • Molie - The Ring Announcer
  • Sabio Hart - Son of Leo Corazon
  • Sheldon Sabre - Former Heavyweight Champion
  • Ulric Wolfrom - Wolfpack Heavyweight Champion
  • Widowmaker - The Quiet Predator
  • Yvonne Wolfrom - The Former Valet

Giant Figures

  • Takeshi Sumo - The Japanese Tsunami


  • AWF Wrestling Ring
  • AWF Playmat
  • Title Belt (Planned)
  • Steel Cage (Planned)