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Carriers of the Infection
Vital statistics
Name Nemesis
Species Nemesis
Origin Unknown


The Nemesis are evil arachnid crab-spider like creatures destined to eradicate Sectivorus' inhabitants and utilize the planet as a home base for their plans of universal domination. Nemesis steal technology from others and seek out the Delphi Black Core. They are also carriers of the "Infection" which they utilize as a bio-weapon to wipe out species and convert survivors into hostile warriors to join their ranks.

Character History

"As everyone should know by now, I (Marty) collaborate with my close friend and brother from another mother, Matt Doughty/Onell Design. Which was the case in the development of "Nemesis." He has developed lore along with assisting me on character development, design, mechanics and production."


Infection comes to Sectivorus

After a cataclysmic outbreak of Infection on the alien planet Sectivorus, the only survivors of the devastation - The Beetorian Corps - make a desperate attempt to break free of their dying homeworld.

As the Cimaxus-class Cruiser Altriac struggles to lift off under an intense attack, a lone Beetorian Trooper stands against the encroaching forces of the Infection, his ultimate sacrifice ensuring that his brethren will life to fight another day, and earning him the legendary Beetorian Title of Kabuto Mushi.

Nearly out of power after its escape from planet Sectivorus, the Cimaxus-class Cruiser Altriac comes under heavy fire from Infection Possessors - the Nemesis - and suffers massive damage throughout the ship.

Prepared to go down fighting, the Beetorian Troopers arm themselves and ready for their final battle.

Just as the end seems certain, a group of strange beings appear from a rift in space and decimate the Infection forces, saving the last sons of planet Sectivorus from being consumed by a fate worse than death...

Now the Nemesis will stop at nothing to take Sectivorus for themselves and crush the Kabuto Mushi. Sectivorus represents the perfect staging planet for the Nemesis on their quest to conquer the universe. Only the Beetorian Corps stand between the Nemesis and the end of all life as we know it.