Neo Zeroid Protector
Neo Zeroid
Vital statistics
Name Neo Zeroid Protector
Species Zeroids
Origin X'Arb'ea


A secret cache of non-activated shells is found at an abandoned scientific research base for the STAR Team - Ranger Division on X'Arb'ea. Sentinel the Protector activates the shells during an attack by the Shadow Warriors which leaves the reborn Protector as the new leader of these freshly awakened Protector mode Neo Zeroids.


See: The White of X'Arb'ea


Protector Edition

"The call for help has gone out-and been received by Maxx Zero! A batch of Protector Zeroids has been found!"[1]

Production Neo Zeroid Protector edition. White with Black Accents. With new paint applications on the waist disc! Ships in Explorer configuration. 16 pieces. Released September 25th, 2016. $14 each.


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