Nick Valentine
Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Private Detective
Vital statistics
Name Nick Valentine
Species Human (Synthetic)
Origin Earth


Fallout 4

An unusual robotic detective, Nick Valentine operates a small agency in Diamond City along with his assistant Ellie Perkins. In addition to possessing the memories of a late pre-War detective, Nick has certain abilities that complement his investigative skills: he is very effective at hacking computers, and adept at both ranged and melee combat. Valentine believes himself to be a prototype between second generation synths and the latest, which might explain why he exhibits sapient intelligence and is not innately hostile towards non-Institute humans. He is generally well respected throughout Diamond City despite his mysterious origins.

Wave 2

Nick Valentine

Production Fallout Nick Valentine figure. Beige with paint applications. Glyos compatible. 1 Weapon. Ball joint Head. 14 total parts. Released on November 14th, 2018 (GameStop). $9.99 each.[1]


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