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Outlandish Mini Figure Guys!
Product Line
Product Line OMFG!
Company October Toys
Species Various
Origin Various
Main Character(s) None
Faction(s) None
Also see Skeleton Warriors, Titan Skeleton


Remember the fun of collectible mini figures like M.U.S.C.L.E. and Monster In My Pocket? So do we! That's why we are proud to present to you OMFG! - Outlandish Mini Figure Guys!


Project: OMFG[]


The Rift Probe returns

Relgost Sector, Deep Space Reconnaissance Patrol. "A Rift Probe right where they said it would be..." Commander Sullkren commented. If he had been waiting long, it didn't show in his tone. Yet, he could sense something sinister here. The probe door opened, beckoning the Sarvos inside.

"Greetings, Commander Sullkren" the automated voice chimed. The Deep Space Glyan sat dead in the pilot's seat, the skull showing through the face plate. "Activate memory sync." the Commander ordered to the ship's systems. "Activating now." it dutifully replied.

The visual database begand to load. "Can it be... Zorennor?" he pondered as the holo display began to report.

Series 1[]

OMFG! Series 1 consists of five figures including:[1]

  1. Multiskull designed and sculpted by Charles Marsh (aka Monsterforge) from South Carolina
  2. Crawdad Kid designed and sculpted by Daniel Yu (aka Dory) from Singapore
  3. Phantom Outhouse designed by Kyle Thye from Iowa and sculpted by Ralph Niese from Germany
  4. King Castor designed and sculpted by Dominic Campisi (aka The Evil Earwig) from California
  5. Stroll designed by John "Spanky" Stokes from California and sculpted by George Gaspar from California

Series 2[]

OMFG! Series 2 consists of five figures including:[4]

  1. Puke Knight designed and sculpted by Jared DeCosta (aka redjarojam) from Massachusetts
  2. Shirtle designed by Kenjitron from Hawaii and sculpted by George Gaspar from Los Angeles
  3. Cry-Borg designed by Andrew Scribner (aka RuFuS) from Rhode Island
  4. Cuddlehard designed and sculpted by turboPISTOLA from Tennessee
  5. Grimm Gourd concept by ScruffyNerfHrdr from Kansas, designed by Charles Marsh (aka Monsterforge) from South Carolina, and sculpted by Mike Fleming Jr (aka M-Flem-Jr) from Colorado

Series 3[]

OMFG! Series 3 consists of five figures including:[7]

  1. Pugnacious designed by Bill MacKay and sculpted by George Gaspar
  2. Barbarianaut designed and sculpted by Charles Marsh
  3. Dr. Decay designed by Jonathan Wojcik and sculpted by George Gaspar
  4. Fruit Punch designed by Scott Tolleson and sculpted by George Gaspar
  5. TenCan concept by Richard Brown, designed by Nikolos Sardos, and sculpted by Bryan Fulk

Series 4[]

OMFG Series 4 consists of five figures including:[9]

  1. Fossil Freak designed by Michael Stearns from Washington and sculpted by George Gaspar from California
  2. Wooly Wisp designed and sculpted by Billy Parker from South Carolina
  3. Bullseye designed by (Raging Nerdgasm) Tom Khayos and Ana Bruja-Khayos from Florida sculpted by George Gaspar from California
  4. Tree Witched designed by MudMarox and sculpted by GormTransMonster from Italy
  5. The Siren designed by Corwin Webb from California and sculpted by George Gaspar from California

October Toys Mini Figure Guys[]

Baby Deadbeet[]

Designed by Scott Tolleson. Sculpted by George Gaspar.


Designed by Joe Whiteford. Sculpted by George Gaspar.


Designed/sculpted by George Gaspar.

Mini Gwin[]

Design based on Tux, the Linux logo, created by Larry Ewing & The GIMP. Sculpted by George Gaspar.

Zombie Pheyden[]

Designed by Matt Doughty/L'amour Supreme. Sculpted by George Gaspar.