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Mostly Angry
Vital statistics
Name Orcs
Species Orc
Origin The Realms


"Orc is not an English word. It occurs in one or two places [in The Hobbit] but is usually translated goblin (or hobgoblin for the larger kinds)." - J.R.R. Tolkien[1]

"Most view Orcs as uniformly mindless and bloodthirsty savages. However, there are many subgroups of Orcs, each with their own unique passions and motivations. Nomadic Orcs may seem more primitive than those of the militant orders or death cults, but this is not the case. Their Tribes have a close knit family structure and are led by the vision of a powerful chieftain. No two Nomadic Orc Tribes are alike, and you can find them across the realm serving as mercenaries in great alliances, raiding and plundering at random, fighting each other, or serving some secret purpose known only to their chieftains and shamans..." - The Stranger