Pangea Island
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Land of the Lost
Vital statistics
Type Island
Location Earth
Capital None
Inhabitants Ameriko, Away Team Captain, Mustard Knight, CroMega


Pangea Island is a hostile island trapped in time where extinct creatures like dinosaurs can roam freely alongside bleeding edge futuristic technology.


Maschine Saurier Macht

"Pangea Island© is a small piece of land stuck in a permanent vector-flux, allowing long extinct creature to live alongside futuristic technology. The KOTS have a vested interest in protecting the land and keeping the rich resources of Pangea unexploited (or does their parent company have other ideas?)."

Mustard Patrol Preview

"Away Team Captain has been paired with Mustard Old Knight. Together they are dispatched on a mission to Pangea Island, one of the most hostile places in the world."

Mustard Patrol

"Fred Foods, inc., owner of Knights of the Slice and investor in Sub City, dispatches Mustard Knight to Pangea Island to eliminate poachers seeking to hunt the prehistoric beasts of the land. Knowing he's outnumbered, Mustard enlists the help from Sub City's Away Team Captain, to ensure he's not outgunned."

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