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Vital statistics
Name Passcode
Species Various
Origin Earth


An ongoing series of internet browser Flash games, illustrated comics, and video animations adding detailed Lore to the Glyos System Series (Toyline).

A brief series of connected secret web store releases followed some of the Passcode game events. Unlike Warp Zone exclusive figures, a minimum score had to be achieved in order to be offered a link to the secret web store.

Debuting at New York Comic Con 2013 was a Passcode Card Set featuring 6 chipboard style collector cards plus 3 sticker cards. The set was originally offered through the Onell Design store and later in the Bit Figs store.[1]


Passcode Demade

"The images above are byproducts of some low-color pixel studies. Each is made to the exact specs of the original Gameboy. I'm still amazed at how much detail and depth those games could convey with only 4 shades of that beautiful puke green."[2][3]

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