Passcode Card Set
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Name Passcode Card Set
Species Paper
Origin Earth


"Tonight we will be rolling out something brand new for us - Passcode wax pack trading cards!

I (Marc) am especially excited about this as it's been a dream of mine to design a set of cards. My brother and I started collecting baseball cards at a young age, and quickly got into Garbage Pail Kids, Marvel Universe, TMNT and the like. I still horde all our old albums, and bust them out once in a while for inspiration.

Matt and I enjoyed making the one-off Glyos cards that would coincide with Passcode releases, and have discussed a full set for years. It wasn't until we met Tom Lichtman through the Art Hustle project that we seriously considered releasing something. Tom and his operation Sidekick Lab are doing amazing things, recreating a vintage card collecting experience with the chipboard style approach sealed in old school wax packs.

This special Passcode card set debuted last weekend at NYCC in a blister carded combo set. Tonight we'll be offering a few of the two-packs that were left over, as well as just the card sets by themselves for the first time. There are 9 designs in this Alpha wave- 6 cards and 3 stickers (a complete set in every pack!). This is a bit of an experiment, and if you guys dig these, a more expansive set will be put into motion."[1]

NYCC 2013

NYCC Special Edition Combo Pack

We are gearing up for another trip down to New York City for NYCC 2013! This year we will be located at Booth #102, sharing space once again with the masters of retro styled trading cards, Sidekick Trading Card Publishing (Booth #203).

Revenge of the Armorvors

Wave 31

Passcode Mini Card Set Wax Pack

"Vintage style wax pack card set produced by Onell Design and Sidekick Media.

Includes 6 chipboard style collector cards plus 3 sticker cards. A complete set of 9 cards total in each wax wrapper.

Features pixel art from the Glyos Passcode series." $5[2]


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